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Canine Massage Guild



Samantha and Kipper

I can’t believe it was my young hyper Collie dog lying on the massage couch being totally relaxed and chilled-out.  Kipper was an angel and really seemed to enjoy his massage.  Mary was very tentative to both myself and my dog, giving lots of reassurance and with very thorough after-care advice.  Kipper has been much freer in his movements since his massage sessions and I have seen a major improvement in his agility performance.

Karen and Elle

We went for a walk on the beach this morning, I don’t know what you’ve done to Elle but she was running and playing in the sea, a month ago she could not walk even one full length of the beach but today she was able to happily walk the full length and back, I had a tear in my eye watching her enjoying herself!  Thank you for making her feel at ease again, you must have magic fingers, I’m just so happy!

Gareth and Murphy

Murphy was very well behaved and with lots of reassurance from Mary he very quickly relaxed.  Mary’s handling of Murphy was fantastic, Mary was very caring and reassuring when she needed to be.  Murphy has been so much livelier, especially the next morning, running around looking for toys and playing tuggy with our young collie, which he never usually does.  He’s also jumping much easier and more freely at his agility training.